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Customizable T-shirts allow you to add your own images and text.

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Soft Sell

Are you in touch with mission and vision, and ready to inspire others to action? Turn everyday interactions into meaningful conversations with a "soft sell" approach. Customized t-shirts spark questions. With these openings, inform others of your expertise and interest.

Note: Abstract art is particularly useful at inviting curiousity and questions!

Inviting Interest

The Branes Behavioral Consulting Group considers psychotherapy as pivotal in guiding clients toward conflict resolution. They would like to recruit more customers via word of mouth.

Brian designed a t-shirt, Craig added an abstract figure, and Sherry paired it with the words, "Know what Lies Beneath." The team now enjoys additional attention within their local community. They are as likely to discuss addiction as the weather when shopping around town.

Offering Alternative Perspectives

Roger is a guidance counselor. He is concerned that his students are too focused on finding the absolute best first job. Where they choose to start their careers is important. But the enormous variety can be overwhelming. In some ways, he believes that anyplace is a good place to start.

Roger crafted a t-shirt with these very words. When students ask, he shares his alternate opinion. And these students walk away with a more balanced message. Their goal is still to find the best place to start. But they rest assured, understanding that careers branch and turn.

Connecting Like Minds

Cassandra is a seamstress. She has tried the local sewing groups, to no avail. They aren't the right type of quirky.

Cassandra customized a t-shirt with the words, "Sew... How do you do?" Interesting conversations resulted, and Cassandra's 'Quirky Sewing Circle' group has formed. The first reply that informed her she was on the right track... A gentlemen at the grocery who responded, "Are you needling me?"

DISCLAIMER: These are a fictional stories. My purpose is to illustrate how customized t-shirts can spark conversations and foster connection. Please let me know if you would like to feature your real story in the mix!


May we find our vision, learn our way, define our path, and meet our purpose.