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May evens out toward the plateau of Summer. Look at the course ahead, and plan your way with Put it Together and Functioning Unit. Check out Starters for more ideas.

Put it Together

Skew your symbols into new figures by stretching, elongating, thickening lines.

Use repetition, cluster and group.

Mix unrelated symbols and add new -- nuts and bolts from the garage, spaghetti from the kitchen, pie charts from the office.

Functioning Unit

Create a functioning unit. This is a combination of words and images that somehow makes sense to you. It is an icon of sorts-- a simplistic image that you can raise in your mind that helps guide your thoughts and actions toward a more complex end.

A simple example is a token-- green on one side and red on the other. A reminder that at any moment, "yes" and "no", or "go" and "stop" are decisions within your reach. Under this theory, each next moment is independent of the moment before. You may have a lifetime of "red" choices behind you, but you are completely free to start choosing "green" from here forward.

Let's move to something more complex.

Consider a car's motor: "Vitality" being the piston, and "Reservoir" being the cylinder. This is where the explosions of gas, spark and air occur in a car, which is the main source of energy to get things going.

These explosions do not occur in isolation, but are housed within a supporting structure. Large rods extend down to keep the structure in place, so the explosions are isolated and the energy is properly channelled.

Name these supporting rods: "Solitude", "Strength", "Repetition" and "Flow".

How might this functioning unit relate to your life?

  • How do you propel yourself?
  • Where do you get your energy from?
  • What structures exist to keep your energy isolated, channelled?

Create your own design, and ask yourself what words should be entered into the design. Ask your subconscious to fill in the blanks. Decide how the words relate to your life. Then sit back and reflect.

Notice how deeply you absorb the thoughts that arise.
Notice over time the lasting power of the image.


Consider the words and images below; Choose those that stir your imagination.

  • glass
  • rub
  • white
  • tube
  • practice
  • shave
  • reach
  • love
  • cone
  • hinge
  • fluorescent
  • move

May we find our vision, learn our way, define our path, and meet our purpose.