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Settle In
Stir it Up
Summer Heat
Lightning Flies
Turning In
As you Are
Leaves Fall

12 Steps thru Creativity
Breaking Down Barriers


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Days shorten in November, while attention turns to family and the keeping of tradition. Our hearts rise to the surface, touched in joy and sorrow. Burn thru the trivial, and find inspiration Anytime, Anywhere. Check out Starters for more ideas.

Burn Thru

Burn wood.

Smell and see the smoke rise.

Press down and into the surface.

Fascination begins at the curling of the smoke.

Follow, enjoy the grain.

See it curve around knots
knowing years of persistance, resistance
shaped its course.

Anytime, Anywhere

Discovering beauty, experiencing wonder, creating the new
does not require time, money, talent.

Materials are all around us. Beckoning.

Blades of grass, rust stains on cement.

Two seconds to arrange 4 golden leaves; 8 words jotted down, mesmerized, as beads of water roll across the windshield.

Simple acts: Selection, placement, combination


Consider the words and images below; Choose those that stir your imagination.

  • home
  • circle
  • love
  • branching leaves
  • sway
  • follow
  • vibrate
  • round the corner
  • layers of protection
  • reach
  • sooth with waves
  • how far is enough?

May we find our vision, learn our way, define our path, and meet our purpose.