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12 Steps thru Creativity
Breaking Down Barriers


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April is chaotic. Trees bloom, flowers grow, colors vie for attention. Each day is new. Draw from the energy; Carve new paths with Geometry and Countermove. Check out Starters for more ideas.


Draw a single geometric figure (a square, circle, triangle, rectangle, half circle, pentagon, etc.). If nothing comes to you, default to a small square or circle in the middle of the page.

One at a time, add additional geometric figures. Pay attention to keeping a similar distance between each figure and the next. Pretend these are individually cut tiles, and you want to keep the grout line small and equal.

If you see a shape taking form, stand back and look. Decide whether you want to fine-tune the image you see, or whether you prefer to continue with no planned destination.

You're done when either you get bored, you fall in love with the picture as-is, or you run out of space on the page.


Identify a barrier, and design an activity to counter it.

If you are afraid of “letting it all hang out”, underscore your feelings by drawing tightly sealed boxes, or face the fear head on and draw a block figure representation of yourself with innards and privates all hanging out and revealed.

Feel free to lock up, destroy, or keep the image once it is created.

If you are afraid of giving up control, dance around the fear. Let chance guide you.

Drop small desk items on a blank page and trace around them. Twist a paperclip and work with its shadows. Crumple up paper, lay it beneath your page, tilt your pencil sideways and rub to pick up the crumpled impression.

Don't perfect the image. Just let it hang around in incomplete form.


Consider the words and images below; Choose those that stir your imagination.

  • bark
  • vanilla
  • twilight
  • five
  • brakes
  • dollar
  • trail
  • merry
  • heat
  • fly
  • handle
  • blink

May we find our vision, learn our way, define our path, and meet our purpose.