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Settle In

In February, winter nears its end. Settle in with warm soup and a bright fire, knowing the season's turn is not so far away. Learn from simple craft with Smoosh Clay, and evaluate your priorities with Making Time. Check out Starters for more ideas.

Smoosh clay

Work with clay. Smoosh, imprint, roll, shape.

Form a patty and focus on texture. Carve into the survace with parallel lines, then a criss-crossed pattern. Consider the clay's willingness to respond.

Smoosh the clay. Unformed, begin again.

Find objects in your environment with texture. Press the clay to form an imprint.

Fold in again. Feel no loss. Continue anew.

Weave rolls of clay and work on joinery. Do you prefer joints that are perfect seams, where 2 are now 1? Or would you rather have the two pieces barely meet?

Repeat this cycle. Recognize the expansion and contraction of your creative self. Accept the fluidity.

Get to know the limits. At what point is an underlying structure needed?

Making Time

Work with your thoughts and repetion in design.

Start a rhythmic movement, such as a long spiral.

Now add a repeating feature in increments, such as short dashed lines intersecting the spiral.

Now assign meaning to the pieces.

Pretend each loop is one day.

At the bottom of each loop, place a dash to signify a daily ritual-- wake up and have coffee.

Then ask yourself-- where can I fit a new daily ritual-- 5 minutes of creation.

Your answer now has more to do with "where would it look good" on the design.

It adds arbitrariness and fun, and adds a visual memory to provide weight to your decision.


Consider the words and images below; Choose those that stir your imagination.

  • cereal
  • staples
  • sunset
  • longing
  • zebra
  • freezer
  • violet
  • zipper
  • brush
  • straw
  • muddle
  • orientation

May we find our vision, learn our way, define our path, and meet our purpose.