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Half Baked

I was raking outside on New Year's Day, and asked myself what sort of event I would like to throw in March. My subconscious came back with "book signing". I laughed. I would need to write a book first. I asked for the title of the book. "Half Baked" was the reply.

Hmm... I don't think that is happening. But I will get more intentional about driving my words and images toward books.

What do I mean by half baked? Thoughts include:

Taking the time to "bake" is a good thing. Homemade pie tastes light years better than purchased. Artwork that you draw yourself can have much more influence on your walls. Well-thought-out opinions feel better than following the crowd.

Cutting corners by sharing imperfect works, or works in progress, is also a good thing. Receiving feedback generates energy, and may influence outcomes. It can be liberating to share early. Negative feedback is cushioned because it is partial.

Okay,... not quite enough content for a book. But over time, these entries accumulate. Someday I will organize them into pages that turn. In the meantime, I hope you have a great week ahead. Happy New Year!

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