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Hello! I hope you are well!

It is almost Easter of 2018, and I have 14 months until I turn 50. Wow!

It would be nice to have good leads on how to be a successful artist by the time I turn 49.

My latest theory is that a niche subject matter of Financial Planning would be exciting and successful. It would be smart to begin a hobby of stock investing prior to reaching retirement age. Can I sustain the focus?

The allure is that stocks are a stark opposite to art in our culture. Who combines these things?

And democracy relies on a level playing field. When stocks are classified as nerdy, many lose out on financial freedom.

And so, Volatility. I can do a themed release:

  • Find your Fit: What comes immediately to mind?
  • Form Impressions: What does volatility mean in other environments (math, health, defense, etc.)
  • Embrace the Ride: Who has successfully stood firm in the face of volatitlity? What is his or her story?
  • Reveal the Road: What are the takeaways? Lessons learned?

I like it!, I can't help it. Maybe this is the real thing.

Best wishes for YOU for a great Spring.

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May we find our vision, learn our way, define our path, and meet our purpose.