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It's early this morning, 4:38 a.m., packed and almost ready to fly to California for the work week. Yikes!

I feel like this week will try my patience, my reserves. I am being asked to rise earlier, lead more. Okay. But what do I turn to if I am pushed, or push myself, too far? I don't like the desparate feeling of being frayed and exposed.

One approach I have learned from Jeff Krock, meditative expert, is to rest into my body. Feel myself sit into the chair. Feel my sit bones. As I examine my heart beat, I relax.

I am loving the increased feeling of preparedness as I get older. Life is large. I have focused on the essentials, done what I can. The rest can work itself out around that.

One more thing--- I met my goal last week and worked out 4 times on the treadmill, for 30 minutes each. I am so impressed with my resolve. I actually enjoyed myself. I gave myself a set of parameters within which to make incremental decisions, so I didn't feel stuck. I started out walking, to get warmed up. If I didn't want to jog by the end of the warm up time, I had that leeway. But I was in a different place by then, and it was no longer a "gotta do" but a "want to do".

So,... all said. It's time to pack up for the day. I will be reading thru the new/old content posted on the Form and Road sections of the website. Some of it is pretty sketchy. I want to flesh it out by the end of the month, get it rounded out enough to leave it alone for several months.

I hope you have a great week ahead.

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