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Broken Treasure

Hello!, So I continued with my landcaping ventures this weekend. I now have within eyesight of my kitchen window a sitting area with evergreens in the ground, two different types that accent each other. Plus mulch and ornamental rocks. As border and artistic feature, I included interesting bits of scrap from our block wall.

I moved the brocken terra cotta pots and river rock from our grilling area to this sitting area, and when I sit I am pleased. I imagine resting after a long day at work. It's nice.

The subtle message is that the broken cement is valued similarly to the river rock, that the unique cuts left by the cement saw are worthy of reflection, that the shards of terra cotta are unique.We provide utility beyond our new state, and as utility declines, uniqueness is enhanced. When cast in a caring light, what was broken is beautiful.

It was a surprise to me to feel a surge of grattitude for the artists who have come before me, that have lofted the broken and mundane to scupltural status. I am glad for the effect they have had on my outlook.

So,... back to utility. I have much to do at work this week. Yikes!!,... I hope you have a great one.

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