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Good morning! It is dark out. Projects from the weekend are wrapped up. Thanksgiving holiday planning is up. Index cards on cork board, with a light shining on them. Four other lights on in the house, but most off. Taking a rest, waiting for the flurry of activity to come.

The dogs are pacing, letting me know that time is short. 18 minutes before 7.

There is so much unknown. How have I grown to be comfortable with that?

I will feature and sell artwork on December 8th at the Decatur, GA St Bartholomew's Artist's Market. I'm not sure when I will get ready.

Much of my art marketing and website improvements will need to move to 2014.

The most important thing is that I retain myself during the weeks ahead. That I keep the focus on my daily growth. Listen and respond. That might mean being more disciplined about drawing art every day. It's been a while since I've taken pen to paper. Refreshing to be all alone in black and white, up close, moving one step at a time.

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