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Frost on the Windows

Absorbed in busy-ness. That's what I like to do to hide.

Jim tells me that there's frost on the car this morning. I need to build in time for that last minute chore, scraping the windows clean to see. And so many other chores. Much of my time is spent planning for and juggling.

Do I place enough fun boat anchors in my life? This will happen here, and work around it. Pleasure time, to make all of the work worthwhile. Hmmm.., not so much.

I continue to fall back on the constant pleasure of having Jim in my life. Going to the store, sitting beside each other, walking together, holding hands. But the time is ripe for more. Travel, adventure, time with family, friends.

And so we are in February. I have written on my bulletin board, "a workhorse month." A time to focus on catching up on all sorts of overdue processing and finesse. A forgotten month to get ahead.

And so, 20 minutes before 7, I'll wrap up here, and leave time for these extras. 5 minutes for the sourdough starter, 10 minutes of running, and 5 minutes extra drive time. Hoorah.

One more thought. The quality of the moment is found by resting into it. As I fixed pixels in Photoshop last night, I rested into the deepness of the black, listened to the music, turned off the planning/worrying portion of my brain, and I was found.

I hope you have a great week!

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