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Thinning Seeds

The flowers are doing well!, and we've had some cool weather for yardwork, staining and painting. Jim and I would like to plant vegetables in the ground this year, and are wrestling with the decision of planting close to the house or farther afield. I'm voting for close. The idea of weeding within eyesight of the kitchen is appealing.

So to sew seeds, apparently you start with a small bag of seeds in the dirt, and after several days of sprouting, pick away the feeble starts, and groom the strongest for survival. That sounds cruel to me. I thought gardening was comforting, loving, sweet. But this picking winners and losers, not what I anticipated.

I suppose life has its surprise twists as you delve into it, and prioritization is a constant need.

In preparing the Zodiac series, I was intrigued with the concept that the forces at work when we are born continue to influence us forever more. As I continued, I realized that our perspective and tendencies are meshed into a fabric with our neighboring signs, and that we shift about as we move thru the seasons.

May we find our vision, learn our way, define our path, and meet our purpose.