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Google Analytics indicates that I received a spike in website activity last month. That with two emails and a new subscriber, indicates that the Kavarna Cafe art display was worthwhile. Hurray!

Funny, how during tear down, I had to crawl around people as they worked to get to the walls. Folks were nice and made room for me, but I still felt as if my belly was hanging out as I reached up and over from the short step ladder.

It was emotional, as I folded my work away. I recalled the process of hanging it all up. Hours debating. Running out of chain, making do with wire. The people that were there, that I do not know, but remember.

Art is not for the weak of heart...

What next? I would like to create a video series -- featuring something that I already have in hand, or can quickly put together. Will that be the blog, lessons in creativity, poetry? Perhaps walking thru a piece of art during the creation process.

I downloaded Windows Movie Maker yesterday and played with it a bit. Jim was asleep but I still felt self-conscious about the recording. Likely I will pick a time when the house is empty to get started.

What else? It's 7:20 and time to get ready for the day. Yoghurt and sandwiches to prepare, laundry to fold. I am involved in two training sessions at work today, which always puts me on edge. Yikes!, people on the line, needing attention all at once. Anything can go wrong.

You know,... I need to start opening up to the possibility, Anything can go Right. Connections, possibilities, opportunity. The world opens up when we do.

I hope you have a great week.

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