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What a year! And just a few days left.

I have visited two famous structures (the Golden Gate Bridge and the Eiffel Tower), visited a new country (Poland), repaired my resume (Manager title), and spent time with family (Germany in the Spring, Chicago and Wisconsin in the Fall). Favorite moments were on the dance floor, by the fire, and on the train.

What's next? In 2015 I'm looking forward to new art venues. I have two scheduled so far. Rev in Smyrna for the month of January, and Kavarna in Decatur for the month of March.

Set up for Rev is this Thursday. I will need the evenings and one more day, Wednesday, to get ready. I am nervous about the risk I am taking with the laminate and felt framing I have concocted. Why am I the way I am? Stubborn, for sure.

Either this will feel good on the wall, or it won't. And I won't know until I do it.

I remind myself that at my age, I should have the courage to rest into myself. Worst case scenario, it's a total bomb. I need to shrug off the veil of uncertainty, and move forward. Get into methodical mode, walk forward with intent, convince my mind that the decision making mode is in the past, and be present, listening, to intersect the now.

It's 6:51, time to turn to the day. Two days at work, and much to do.

Happy New Year!

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