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Turn Inward

It occurs to me that I can turn to myself as a guide. Last week I was feeling overextended. My artwork was under review at the gallery, I had extended family staying at the house, and presentations that stretched me at work. I refrained from posting my blog, because I didn't have the heart to reach out to another person and call to attention my post.

So, I will continue to include a shout out each week to a creativity professional, but every once in a while I will just turn inward, toward myself.

So what do I have to offer this week? I have a new section of the website for "DIY: Lessons in Creativity", and August's post is entitled, "Turning In." I write, "August brings a yearning for fall. Pull the shades, filter the sun. Plan ahead, on and off the page."

I like thinking of the year divided into times of expansion and contraction. August is "Back to School.". For me, growing up, school was not a friendly place. I was unpopular, and didn't fit in. I think of this as a time for gathering one's force, reinforcing habits of protection, and preparing for the unknown.

Understanding that my external environment will stretch me, I spend my free time folded in upon myself. Why does that have to be a bad thing?

It's 6:58, and time to get ready for work. Next week I begin the California trips again. The last two months have been nice. I've really settled into home and repaired the rips and tears of being away.

Other updates: The gallery in Marietta, 2 Rules Fine Art, is featuring about 20 of my unframed prints. Hurray! I hope that people find them interesting, and look forward to the feedback. Poetry dating back to 1994 has been added to the website (see the Road section), and I'm committing to return to my daily words (see the Form section). It's time to switch gears and give my online venues some attention (t-shirts and prints).

I hope you have a great week ahead!

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