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Good morning! Yesterday I wrapped up a new Artist's Resume and Artist's Statement, for submission of artwork to a local gallery. I am in that in between space, vulnerable, waiting for a response.

Years ago I would have spent more down time, on hold. Eager to receive praise and reinforcement. I have learned that praise and reinforcement aren't doled out that way; They come when you least expect it. I need to supply my own sense of gratitude, faith, centeredness when I feel that need. Or you might say, I need to look to a constant (God, Universal Power, etc.) to supply those good feelings.

Yet I can't deny that the feedback isn't important and useful. I look forward to comparing how I feel about my work after the feedback, against how I felt upon completion, and during the process of creation. By averaging out the feelings against time, I get a better feel for how I stand in regard to my work.

In the interim, now is the time to turn my focus away from the subject of my worth as an artist, and toward other things. I'm still working on the ideal type of refocus. I thought about working on my work resume last night, but felt it was too closely related and would drag me down. I happened to be behind on my ironing, so I knocked out a couple of hours of stocking my closet, preparing my wardrobe.

And what does that have to do with amused? On Facebook last night I found an amusing picture of pink flamingos staged all over a scuplture of a dinosaur. The science museum caption indicated that the flamingos had "picked clean" the meat of the dinosaur. I posted to my friend Wanda Cooley's page, and she loved it.

Wanda is a special person in my book. She has striking white hair, wears no makeup, has an abstract sense of humor, cares deeply, and follows the lives of artists. We have a similar mix of shyness, doggedness, and enthusiasm. I met her during my years working at the University, where she worked in our Academic Assistance office. It warmed my heart that so many students had the chance to meet Wanda. There are few really unique people in life, and she is one.

And what does that have to do with amused? Being Amused is so powerful! When feeling down or vulnerable, a little creativity goes a long way in finding something amusing to put your emotions into a whole other place. Stand upside down. Make a funny face. Draw something ridulous. Feel your spirit rise.

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