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Last week I listened to the TED Speech, "How Great Leaders Inspire Action," by Simon Sinek. Simon argued that we make decisions not with the literal, talking, modern part of our brain. Instead we get a gut feel of what we like and what we want to do from our older, limbic brain. He argued that Apple, MLK, and the Wright Brothers persuaded others first by sharing their beliefs, then how they carry out their beliefs, and lastly what they do and have to offer others.

I liked this idea so much that I spent several days reframing my introduction for the website into Why, How, What. I wrote, "I believe that life is a creative journey when we partner with our sub-conscious. Modern art sparks the imagination and invites response. Change your mind with fine art prints and customizable t-shirts."

I'm not sure about the "change your mind" part. The word subconscious has stuck thru a bunch of variations this week. I find it surprising to appear within the first 14 words of my vision statement. Is the subconscious really that important, and am I honoring it appropriately?

This in turn prompted me to turn to the Road section of the website. I felt like it needed more, and I asked myself what did I already have that I could convert to content for this section. I remembered my poetry from my early 20's, and as I read it, I wondered if I could fit it into the mold of my 12 steps. The risk of wasting my time if it did not, was worth the potential success.

I think it works. I'm a little weirded out by sharing content that is personal, but I've waited 20 years to post, so I think it will be okay.

What else? I pulled out my in-process Ride drawings. It's time that I discipline myself to work on this area, my most "out there" activity, where I intentionally cast myself into the unknown. I often find myself for hours at a time in a place with discord, nonsense, and only a shred of hope that the end result will be worthwhile. It's a work of faith to find my way back to harmony.

What's up for the week ahead? I need to rework some writings on the Form section of the website. Earlier "how to" activities centered on craft (clay, wood burning, etc.) need to be reframed as pen & ink. Once rewritten, I look forward to providing small illustrations for each exercise. I still need to contact 2 Rules. Am I dragging my feet, or making necessary preparations?

Okay, that's it for now. I hope you have a great week ahead!

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