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The Heart Knows

Hello! It's Wednesday evening rather than my typical Monday morning. I have a new goal, to refer, link to and advise a creativity professional with each of my blog entries. I took some extra time to spruce up the website prior to this week's entry.

So who do I want to refer to this week, and why?

On TED, Ideas Worth Spreading Online Videos, Tony Robbins expressed his certainty that we succeed, and feel enjoyment of our success, when we engage with our heart.

I have been practicing my heart lately. Disciplining myself on the treadmill. I hope to live more in my body, less caught in my head. I expect that I will be more responsive to the world around me, more successful, more engaged.

My writings on creativity are once again posted to the website. It feels good to have a placeholder for them. Free Form Art focuses on practical drawing exercices to get into the creative flow, and Modern Art for the Open Road provides a 12 step process for navigating the creative process. As I hone in on the right words, my heart is lifted by their "right"ness. I remove the unneccessary, and focus on the inspired. Love.

Looking ahead to Q3, I plan to focus on t-shirts and the holiday purchasing season. I am less worried about losing my center as I lean toward graphic design and customer satisfaction. While I have a serious core, my frolicky exterior wants to play too. Why not customize my designs to "Let Freedom Ring" on the 4th, or nod to my economist friends with "Curve my demand; Supply your curve." Who knows? It's time to be playful.

I hope you have a great week and holiday weekend ahead.

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