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Thankgsiving is behind us. Lots of home cooking, meeting with family, and keeping traditions going. A venture into a planned craft activity - clay for adults and kids - added value, that would not otherwise have been. Hurray!

So what's next? Onward into December and a craft fair in 6 days. It's time to radiate my enthusiasm, thoughts, angularity, well wishes. I'm just learning how to do this. It's easier to pull close to me all that I love, rather than exude out who I am.

Hmm.., I think I'll start by spreading out the prints that I already have, and comparing them to the website. Are they a good representation? Then I need to get the printer rolling. Then I need to see what additional supplies I need in the way of packaging materials. Then I need to review what I have been doing in the way of pricing. Then make sure I have money for exchange. Then table set up. Then,... decide whether I need or want materials referring to creativity - advocating, teaching, daring...

So that's good territory to cover this week. I would like 2013 to be a correction of sorts. First steps toward purchases, proper use of space, proper tone and message, etc. (what I really want reflects what I put out there). God willing, in 2014 I will then have a solid trunk from which to grow.

Best wishes for the week ahead.

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