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Good morning! Here we are at the start of another week, heading toward Thanksgiving. Our back yard is under construction, our neighbor's company having taken over with pallets of materials, working long hours, cutting blades and smoke whirring. Looking forward to the results. Intrigued with the current effect; We don't own our own backyard at the moment. It is a friendly takeover!

The interior rearranging has progressed in the interim. Saturday morning started with filing. I had folding tables lined up in my study, with enough table space to file my year's worth of stacked bills, etc., sorted by type (20+ stacks!). Much more efficient than filing one by one.

I didn't get to the curtain hemming project, but made 2+ batches of manicotti instead. Leftovers are all stacked in the freezer, ready for entertaining in a few weeks. What else?

I tackled the large loft, storage, and think it looks the best yet. As I work with our keepsakes, old vinyl records, VHS tapes, motorcycle magazines,... I become less frustrated over time, and more appreciative. Jim and I are both so darn sentimental. It rules our other tendancies.

I love wearing gray sweatshirts over silk colors, textural knits, because sentiment rules over my love of color and texture. It feels like home. I am thankful for connection.

So.... what's next? I have 30 minutes left. I guess I will wrap up early and get moving. I need to switch gears and get ready for the day. Lots of movement at work, and I need to be steering rather than steered.

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