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Inside Out

This weekend I worked in the "back back" yard. 9 years ago, it was a completely forested 1/4 acre, with brambles, privet, and vines. The forest draped itself over the fence, and poison ivy lurked.

It's almost tamed now. Bittersweet. Hours and hours pulling and chopping. Before it was about me, spending time in the wild. Harboring it, contributing to it. Why did I add the English Ivy? Mistake...

Now it's about me, weeding out the wild. How can that be okay?

This is our yard. It's nice to have areas of bramble where rabbits can play, tall trees with squirrels jumping. But do we need to recreate the wilderness? And bring with it its problems? Mosquitos, poison ivy, ticks.

Or should I be focusing more of my time on the wilderness within? The hops and skips of my heart, the wild rice concoctions on the stovetop, words waiting to be written.

And so... it was good to get out there. I continue to find solace in finding beauty in the moment. As I rake the leaves and pull the ivy, I enjoy their color, shape, texture. As I dump them in a pile in back, I enjoy the rust of the wheelbarrow as I tip it all over and shake.

And when I return, I enjoy the smooth line of the landscape of our yard, tamed, calm, a snapshot in time. Never fear, it grows.

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