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Working Remote

Good morning! My husband is working remote today, so he's in the other room, getting started. Here I am again, with you, starting a new week. We have 8 days until Christmas, and the media is focused on a mass shooting at a grade school.

Why "working remote" for the title this week? So much distance between us. The clouds of thought that surround our days can confuse, bewilder. It's easy to become lost in a fuzzy world, no direction.

So I've created a bit of a command and control station in my brain. From time to time I assess where I'm going, steer, provide direction. But once I commit to a piece of work, I'm locked in for a stretch of time into detail. Baking cookies for a friend, there goes an hour. Manicotti and salad, another two hours. It is during the detail work that I sometimes fear I will run out of time.

And so I need to have a feedback loop. How to re-educate the pilot of misplaced energies? How to raise the hand of a new player, and claim a spot on the calendar?

My art is becoming more of a maintenance activity. I get nervous when I look ahead to an area that needs work. I have about 4 hours of Zazzle design time to catch up on, and I'm dreading locking into that detail. What could I be missing as I drop down into the zone? And then self doubt enters. Should I be printing and shipping my own prints, rather than messing around with the t-shirt design interface? Who really cares about customization anyway? I have to write up and reach people about those thoughts, and they come from a different part of my psyche. Mix and match, and I get confused

Sigh. What comes to mind is my mother informing me of the need of individuals to be kind to themselves. Ease off a bit. As I walked around the house yesterday morning, feeling out what needs to be done, it occurred to me that I might just start by cutting paper, restocking my supplies, easy art maintenace tasks that make me feel special.

This week, what is most important? The spirit of Christmas. Remind family and friends that I care. Share in their joy. Wrap up the year. Be okay with not hitting the target all of the time. Learn to get better at this, like jumping rope, with others.

I hope you have a great week. Take care!


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