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Two Rules

I'm getting ready for an art show at 2 Rules Fine Art Gallery in Marietta. So excited! I have chosen a default set of frames for my work -- 11"x14" and 8"x10" black metal frames. My Epson printer has been well behaved. Shopping has been plentiful. I feel good about my selections so far.

I am interested to see how Sunday's hanging goes. It will be a first to see a selection of my work hung, in masse, together. I wonder if the images will blend together into a larger wall piece. How will it feel? It's so fun to finish a piece and have the fullness of it hit, smack, wow.

What next? It's a natural time for second guessing. For allowing fear to crop in and crop out. I hope I'm old enough to bite an edge out of that foolishness.

Hot water coming to a boil. Time for me to pour.

Take care!, I'll update this page with some photos once all is up and ready.

8/27 update: So thankful! The hanging was yesterday, and all went well. Just perfect. I adore the Rule family who owns and manages the gallery. Time to scrub up at home and hike things up a notch. More closure, less clutter.

8/28 update: I decided on my "two rules" to keep in mind for this presentation of my work. 1) Be as conservative as possible, with creativity focused on art, and 2) Reach closure, in order to be present in the moment for others.

8/29 update: I'm so thankful for my husband, Jim, who has been with me every step of the way. His intuition and intention have guided me, his attention has grounded me, and his clarity and confidence have prodded me on.

8/31 update: The white walls of the gallery dwarf the images inside. They hold balance for the individuals who enter. A clean slate.

9/4 update: The event is over. Back to work after a holiday weekend. The rollercoaster of up, down, is complete. Still letting the echoes of conversations play across my mind, reflecting, considering adjustments. I did a good job of accepting attention and turning to others to connect. But in doing so perhaps I shorted my art. I elaborated on purpose and method, but did not let loose on spirit. Next time I need more words on the wall.

May we find our vision, learn our way, define our path, and meet our purpose.