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DIY Free Form Art

We are all artists, shaping ourselves, each other, and our environment. Free Form Art provides a loose structure to guide you thru the creative process. Get engaged, and enjoy impact.

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December is steeped with tradition. Keep it genuine; Visit the abstract. Stretch, Repeat and Skew, and Transpose. Check out Starters for more ideas.

Stretch, Repeat and Skew

Alter symbols by repeating them.
Play with their size, and the relationship of sizes.

Take a family of symbols-- letters.
Skew and stretch; Transform them.

Create new geometric shapes by adding incrementally.
Keep a grid pattern.

Quickly draw symbols and worry less about an exact likeness.

Pick up your pace and get into a flow.
Scribble down words as you doodle.
No need to separate image from thought.


We are like a giant computer in that we have inputs and outputs.

The exciting thing is that we have the intelligence, imagination and free will to choose our perspective and to some degree, control our inputs and outputs.

Use the artistic process as a vehicle to practice this control.
Mix your senses.

You hear trickling water; Draw a dashed line in tempo with the sound.

You hear a grating noise; Carve a scratchy line.

A washing machine has water sloshing inside; Paint blue.

Push beyond the obvious.


Consider the words and images below; Choose those that stir your imagination.

  • befriend the abstract figure
  • broadway
  • which way?
  • multiple meanings
  • magnetic fields attract
  • aztec profile
  • sidebar
  • pair and intersect
  • interrupt the natural groove
  • share a center point
  • eyes, nose, cheek
  • two faces


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