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DIY Free Form Art

We are all artists, shaping ourselves, each other, and our environment. Free Form Art provides a loose structure to guide you thru the creative process. Get engaged, and enjoy impact.

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12 Steps
4 Layers
216 Lessons
216 Steps
1 Form
2 Figures
3 Movement
4 Patterns
5 Words
6 Code
7 Content
8 Context
9 Synthesis
10 Story
11 Theme
12 Character



Free + Form = Art

We are all artists. We co-create ourselves, each other, and our environment.

And getting into the creative flow feels amazing. Time stands still. Life has more meaning. Experience moments of awe, asking "How did this come from me?"

By exercising left and right brain thinking, we learn to access different modes of being. In taking time to be alone and search within, we find a tempo. One heart feeds the body of two.

The activities I suggest are guides. The point is to combine free flowing and formulated thought in projects all your own from beginning to end. In doing this, you will create something new, something that has never before existed, ART.

  • Combine intentionality and whim, and discover unique outcomes. Work in the moment. Be spontaneous.
  • Allow yourself to engage in a thought process that evolves step by step.
  • Work with the materials at hand, as well as the thoughts that bubble up.


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