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DIY Free Form Art

We are all artists, shaping ourselves, each other, and our environment. Free Form Art provides a loose structure to guide you thru the creative process. Get engaged, and enjoy impact.

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2 Figures
3 Movement
4 Patterns
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8 Context
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Use Emotion

Use Emotion's Words. How are we moved by feelings? Who controls them? Can we steer, escalate, and stop this force?


  • Use drawing as an emotional outlet
  • Realize how your emotions are stored and tapped
  • Manage your emotions

Lesson Plan: Found and Imagined

Tap into your emotions...


  • Love. Write the name of someone you love. Draw it large. Write in cursive. Express yourself. Spend time on the lines. Embellish.
  • Hate. Write the name of something you hate. Draw it large. Scratch it out with hard strokes. Express yourself. Add texture to the lines.
  • Balance. Write the word, BALANCE. Use capital letters. Underline it. Darken the letters evenly. Seek to provide each letter with an even weight, so that the balance remains evenly distributed.


  • Hope. Draw a large face with a large open mouth. Fill the mouth with words expressing your hopes. Like a crossword puzzle, criss-cross the area horizontally and vertically, filling the space. Circle the words so they stand out. Darken the area in between.
  • Fear. Draw a large person with a large open belly. Fill the belly with words expressing your fears.
  • Belief. Draw a large person with a large open brain. Fill the brain with words expressing your beliefs.


  • Inspirational. Reflect on recurring themes used in inspirational graphics. Arms overhead, an upturned chin, a rocket aimed upward, radiating sun, rainbows, lightness. Google "inspirational icon". Draw smooth curves angled upward. Leave empty space on the page.
  • Haunting. Reflect on recurring themes used in haunting stories. Hands protecting eyes, crossed arms, mouth agape, stooped shoulders, falling and disentegration, darkness. Google "haunting graphic". Draw jagged lines angled downward. Fill the page.
  • Thoughtful. Google "thoughtful quotes". Scroll and read. Notice how your eyes move across the page. Select a quote to draw, copying the layout you see. Now draw it again; Experiment with different layouts -- all on one line, or circling around the page, or one word per line.


  • Wonder. Recall a moment of wonder... a butterfly landing on a shoulder, a deer walking in the forest, beads of water streaming off a windshield. Describe the moment with words.
  • Worry. Recall a moment of worry... studying for a test, running after a bus, waiting for a friend. Describe the moment in a sentence.
  • Whim. Recall a moment of whim... wearing a silly hat, dancing in the street, surprising a relative. Describe the moment in a paragraph.


  • Delight. Imagine a moment of delight, how quickly a smile appears. Slow it down. Draw a comic strip with 10 squares, showing the progression of the smile in each.
  • Disgust. Imagine a moment of disgust, how quickly a frown appears. Slow it down. Draw a comic strip with 10 squares, showing the progression of the frown in each.
  • Response. Imagine different types of engagement and response... a shrug, smile, chuckle, laugh, cry, retort. Draw the words as you think of them. Draw lines, circles and boxes to connect related words.


  • Adore. Consider someone you adore. Why is that person so special? What words come to mind? Write these words down in the shape of a stick figure. Embellish the figure with hearts.
  • Regret. Consider something you regret. What was the mistake? What words come to mind? Write these words done in the shape of the word, "sorry". Embellish the figure with the words, "sorry".
  • Earnest. Consider a goal or value that you feel earnest about. Why is it important? What words come to mind? Write these words down inside the shape of a target. Embellish the figure with arrows.




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