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DIY Free Form Art

We are all artists, shaping ourselves, each other, and our environment. Free Form Art provides a loose structure to guide you thru the creative process. Get engaged, and enjoy impact.

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12 Steps
4 Layers
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216 Steps
1 Form
2 Figures
3 Movement
4 Patterns
5 Words
6 Code
7 Content
8 Context
9 Synthesis
10 Story
11 Theme
12 Character



Engage Vision

Engage Vision with Form. What lies before us? How do we explore? How do we combine things together?


  • Look around. Be curious. What do you see? Look further and beyond. What else is waiting to be found?
  • Recognize shapes as figures; They surround us.
  • See movement and reflect. Stillness is temporary.

Lesson Plan: Play with Objects & Assemby

Add shape; Combine shapes...


  • Common. How many shapes from Geometry can you recall? Squares, rectangles, circles, triangles. Draw one of each. Consider commonality.
  • Variety. Two sides make a line; Three sides makes a triangle; Four a rectangle; Five a pentagon. Draw as many as you can. Consider variety.
  • Angles. Draw triangles and parallelagrams with varying angles, such as 10, 30, 45, and 90 degrees. How do different angles feel? Consider impact.


  • Composition. Thicken some borders, and others not. Consider composition, density, flexibility.
  • Ornamentation. Embellish borders with decoration. Add hoops, loops, dashes, repetition. Consider differentiation and delight.
  • Gaps. Fill empty space between borders. Remove distinctions between inside and out. Consider darkness.


  • Variation. Vary widths along a single line from thin to thick. Consider permeability, vibration.
  • Attraction. Stretch borders toward other objects. Consider magnetism, motive, choice.
  • Merge. Merge objects together. Consider the individual and the collective.


  • Align. Assemble rectangles with varying dimensions along a single line. Consider short, tall, wide. Notice how entities begin to appear. Horizontal arrangements become a city sky line; Vertical arrangements appear as a person. Consider our tendency to create meaning.
  • Cluster. Assemble circles in varying clusters on the page. Notice how interest is drawn toward the popular and solitary. Consider options and movement.
  • Overlap. Assemble triangles. Try equilateral and scalene. Overlap some, and fill them in. Note the complex shapes that appear. Consider how one layer builds to the next.


  • Mirror. Divide the page into equal sections. Draw one object, and then it's mirror image(s). Embellish the object, and then do the same with the mirror image(s). Envelop the object, and repeat with the mirror image(s). Add complexity, keeping the pairing. Consider the distribution.
  • Radiate. Draw an object at the center of your page. Draw radiating spokes out from the center. Embellish the spokes, adding one element to all of the spokes, then another element to all of the spokes. Continue to add complexity in unison. Consider harmony.
  • Parallel. Draw a wavy line. Draw parallel lines that mimic the original. Continue to add parallel lines, like an echo of the first. Play with the closeness or distance of the lines. Gradually reduce the waviness as you progress away from the center. Consider inertia and gravity.


  • Decentralize. Combine dis-similar objects at odd angles to each other. Notice the lack of a central hub. Consider competing interests.
  • Dis-similar. Draw a square. Extend five lines outward, ensuring dis-similar lengths, widths, angles, and distances from each other. Consider differing objectives.
  • Exception. Draw ten circles. From the edge of one of the circles, draw a long straight line without touching any of the other circles. Consider unknown meaning.




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