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DIY Free Form Art

We are all artists, shaping ourselves, each other, and our environment. Free Form Art provides a loose structure to guide you thru the creative process. Get engaged, and enjoy impact.

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12 Steps
4 Layers
216 Lessons
216 Steps
1 Form
2 Figures
3 Movement
4 Patterns
5 Words
6 Code
7 Content
8 Context
9 Synthesis
10 Story
11 Theme
12 Character



Engage in Activism

Engage in Activism with Character. How do we show up each day and stay true to ourselves, our mission, our purpose?


  • Embrace Spirit
  • Deepen Commitment
  • Develop Style
  • Broaden Reach
  • Evolve

Lesson Plan: Identify your Path and Journey

Define your goals and plan to achieve them...


  • Desire. What do you want to do? Write it down.
  • Knowns. What is known? Write down role models.
  • Unknowns. What is unknown? Write down your hypothesis and test case.


  • Detail. Does your plan lack detail? Draw what is missing. Emphasize what is important.
  • Clarity. Does your plan lack clarity? Draw over the excess until it is erased in darkness.
  • Pizazz. Does your plan lack pizazz? Add some elements with or against the grain.


  • Learn. Learn something. Write it down.
  • Do. Do something. Write it down.
  • Share. Share something. Write it down.


  • Repeat. Concentrate on Repetition. Gather the power of ritual. Slowly and evenly, Write your goal ten times.
  • Depth. Concentrate on Depth. Deepen your breathing. Darken the letters of your goal.
  • Rounding. Concentrate on Rounding. Strengthen your grip. Round the edges of the letters in your goal, so the curves look elegant.


  • Forward. Do you propel into the future head first? Consider leadership. Draw figures slanting forward, and others following.
  • Upright. Do you stand firm in the moment? Consider truth. Draw figures raised tall, with others gathered round.
  • Backward. Do you test your footing before moving ahead? Consider fear. Draw figures slanting backward, with challenges loming ahead.


  • Hands. What do open hands mean to you? Draw them and reflect on their meaning to you.
  • Eyes. What do open eyes mean to you? Draw them and reflect on their meaning to you.
  • Arms. What do open arms mean to you? Draw them and reflect on their meaning to you.




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