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DIY Free Form Art

We are all artists, shaping ourselves, each other, and our environment. Free Form Art provides a loose structure to guide you thru the creative process. Get engaged, and enjoy impact.

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12 Steps
4 Layers
216 Lessons
216 Steps
1 Form
2 Figures
3 Movement
4 Patterns
5 Words
6 Code
7 Content
8 Context
9 Synthesis
10 Story
11 Theme
12 Character



Review Territory

Review Territory with Story. Why do some people and moments fit, while others do not? What does tension feel like? How do gaps occur, and how are they resolved?


  • Evaluate your circumstance
  • See how your personal life fits into a larger picture
  • Identify a spectrum of belonging (from fitting in, to outcast)
  • Measure the distance between your ideal and your reality

Lesson Plan: Consider Constants and Variables

Describe your surroundings, those that are always there, and those which you choose...


  • Circular. Draw the semi-circular path of the earth around the sun. Imagine it's path.
  • Back and Forth. Draw the back and forth path of waves on the shoreline. Imagine high tide and low tide.
  • In and Out. Draw the blinking into and out of existence of an electron. Imagine the known and unknown.


  • Strength. Consider the strength of a connection. Draw two dancing. Are their hands held tight?
  • Duration. Consider the duration of a connection. Draw the hinge of a door. Draw a kiss. Draw a phone. Draw a father and son.
  • Remnants. Consider the remnants of a connection. Draw laughter, spilt coffee, shattered glass.


  • Sequential. Imagine sequential activity. One apple is passed from person to person to person. Draw a series of arrows and dots.
  • Parallel. Imagine parallel activity. Five apples are passed from 5 people to another 5 people. Draw parallel dashed lines.
  • Radial. Imagine radial activity. Twently apples are passed from 1 person to 20 people. Draw fireworks.


  • One to One. Consider a relationship between two people. Write down those with whom you partner.
  • One to Many. Consider a relationship between many people. Write down those groups with whom you belong.
  • Many to Many. Consider a relationship which many people have to an idea. Write down these ideas that bring people together.


  • Things. What things do you have to offer? A car ride, knowledge of the stock market, a warm coat, a special recipe. Draw a large hand; Inside it, write 5 things in your possession.
  • Habits. What habits do you have to offer? A crooked smile, polished shoes, a firm handshake. Draw a large foot; Inside it, write 5 habits in your possession.
  • Attitudes. What attitudes do you have to offer? Generosity, hesitation, criticism. Draw a large key; Inside it, write 5 attitudes in your possession.


  • Here. Write down a list of items within your reach. Imagine touching each item.
  • Near. Write down a list of items which are nearby. Imagine walking up to them.
  • Distant. Write down a list of items which are far away. Imagine flying to them.




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