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The Creative Process

In childhood, our dreams, art and play carry weight. Our attention flitters between our inner imagination and the outer world. We experience emotions clearly, and feel what we do and do not want. As adults, this creative process can become muddled. Art becomes something that is silly or perfectionist. There is pressure to fit in to social groups as an adolescent, and into roles of provider, worker, citizen, as adult. Often we adopt roles, rather than carving out our own.

But we are – each of us – beautiful creations. And in God's image, we are co-creators. We have a profound impact on ourselves, each other, and our environment. There is worth in diving into our own richness, into the messy areas of our minds, emotions, bodies.

Art is a great tool for self discovery and enrichment. In this day of mass production and specialization, it is refreshing to have a hand in a creative process from inception to culmination. Even if it is simply baking bread, we smell the yeast, tense our muscles as we roll, see the smooth curve of the tanned crust as it rises.

Our thoughts are allowed to wander during the creative process, and it is beneficial to listen. As we attune to our inner life, we may hear a myriad of voices, including the well-known inner critic. Like a teacher calling on children with raised hands, we can choose which voices to listen to, when.

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