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Customizable T-shirts allow you to add your own images and text.

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We are more fully alive when we tap into creativity. My goal is to maximize this effect with art, instruction, design and optimization. Enjoy!


Spirits surface, and we are empowered to find our own unique solutions. My drawings follow the subconscious, connect to meaning, embrace complexity, and align with purpose. The result is abstract, illustrative art that welcomes your response.

The gallery is divided into four sections, each page offering links to fine art prints and customizable t-shirts. Artwork begins in pen and ink, then is digitized for this virtual venue.


Profound art is within everyone's reach. My 12 step process enables anyone to attract, intrigue, excite and motivate. Try it yourself, and create that which has never before been seen.


Work is a joy when we engage with playful discipline. My collections help reduce doubt, engage interest, offer perspective, and align intent. Enhance your space with motivational art today.


Dreams come true when we write our own story. I listen, query, reflect, and respond, to best understand how my art can meet your needs. Embrace change, and opportunity follows.


We are all artists, shaping ourselves, each other, and our environment.