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Thank you for your visit!

I have been working as an artist for over 30 years now, the last 10 years exclusively in black and white. The quiet space of lantern, pen and ink is a good place for me to be.

So the creative process is definately of benefit. (I highly recommend it.). But what's the value of art itself? I have been studying my favorite piece this week, and have come up with the following...

Art is a mirror to our Soul, providing a pathway for Mind and Spirit to meet. Rest your eyes, trace its path, and feel a connection.

I'm told that once I declare my beliefs, I should share with you what I have to offer.

My drawings follow the subconscious, connect to meaning, embrace change, and align with purpose.

The results are minimilist, bold, fanciful, odd, thought provoking. And here for your review.

The gallery is divided into four sections, each page offering links to fine art prints and customizable t-shirts.

And finally, I offer my ask.

Abstract art welcomes your response!

If you are drawn to my work, please let me know; Email Cindy.


We are all artists, shaping ourselves, each other, and our environment.