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Vantage Point

Those lovely moments when all is clear. The horizon stretches out, everything is visible and makes sense. So rare!

Yet there are two paths to achieve this. One is to listen and look, and be at peace with what is found. The other is to control, to look in satisfaction at what has been arranged. It's a tricky balance between these two approaches.

I am in a season of "seeking closure". I'm tired of all the loose ends, question marks, looming to-do lists, open endedness. I want to make decisions, iron out details.

On the to-do list is to learn an enjoyment of decision making. I have an untapped ability toward decisiveness. When I speak from authority, I sound convincing. But I veer away from decisions whenever possible, leaving this work to others. More often than not I sound directionless and weak. I need to address this. How to coax myself into reaching out, stepping with two feet into the known.

I suppose that experience is a first step. The more I patch and putty, paint and trim the overlooked areas of my home, the more confidant I feel. I don't feel like a question mark when the dishes are all put away. Clean countertops.

This weekend I caught up with maintenance at the house, and this week I'll do the same for work and art. My computer is acting skittish and I need to schedule my art emails thru the end of the year. Next weekend I should reach a vantage point to set some goals for year end. What forward movement do I want to achieve? What can slide?

And so, back to work I go after a week's vacation. It was a good time to unplug, sit back and watch others. Now it's back in the saddle again for a busy year end.

I hope you have a great week ahead.

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