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In "Sapiens", Yuval Noah Harari describes humanity as foolish animals with powerful tools. The binding force that allows us our extensive influence is the fictions we create. He alludes that we are at risk of imprisoning ourselves to a future in which AI serves money, empire, and religion over organic life.

I'm gathering notes below (Work In Progress):

  • Physics > Chemistry > Biology > History
  • Culture is used to bind large numbers of people with a common fiction
  • Money, Empire, Religion
  • For religion to work, it should be expansionary? And missionary
  • People were civilized by Wheat
  • Homo Sapiens extinguished the other Homo species, as well as most large animal species. Extinctions are aligned with migration, including:
    • In Australia, 29 of 30 (?) of the large marsupial animals
  • We have experienced three revolutions: mental, agricultural, and scientific
  • Humanity has a track record for poor treatment of our fellow species
  • The quantity and percentage of humans to other animals has increased tremendously over time
  • Today we have many humans, some domesticated animals, and a few wild animals

?? Sapiens or Other - from i-phone:

  • We're hardwired to have an "in crowd" and an "out crowd", but who we assign to these roles can change in an instant.
  • Memes, Culture propogates itself with little regard to humankind
  • Arms race spreads without changing the power dynamics or benefitting people
  • Science, Empire and Economics
  • Science was a revolution founded on three ideas; One is of our ignorance. Anything that is known is subject to question. Second is that there is a scientific and mathematical method for providing clarity around ideas. Third is that we engage in scientific endeavors for the growth of power.
  • Pre-modern people believed that everything worthwhile was already known, and could be learned via studying of the Scriptures, etc.
  • Francis Bacon declared knowledge was power; His manifesto connected science and technology. Prior these had been separate fields of study.
  • Europeans pulled ahead in the late 1500's; They didn't have better science technology, but they had a better culture for being visionary, exploratory, and conquering. China had gun power for 100 or so years and used it for firecrackers. Europeans used it for canonballs.
  • Science and capitalism together
  • Empire and Science intertwined
  • Conquest with territory, also conquest of knowledge
  • Maps used to be completely full with monsters in unexplored areas. It was a breakthru for maps to have large empty spaces. These encouraged curiousity and exploration.
  • The origin of the name, "America" was from a little known map; 1507 a world map with America on it.
  • Europeans engaged in long distance conquering
  • Most countries limit their skirmishes to neighborhood borders. They conquer one area to protect another close by.
  • Those who conquer, survive to tell their side of the story.
  • 550 men arrived on the ship with Cortez and knocked out the Azteks. Cortez lied to gain entrance.
  • For 300 years China and India showed no interst in America or Oceana on the Atlantic or Pacific side. They could have getten involved, but had no interest.
  • Height of Himalayas, Cuneiform code breaking, lost civilization, Tower of Babel - Curiosity and Power
  • 4,000 Brits overtook 3 million Indians, with an investment of linguistics. Justification.
  • Culture is the new rascism
  • Bank theory
  • People did not extend credit in days past because they did not believe that the future would have more wealth than the past or present.
  • They believed in a zero sum game where one person's gain was another's loss
  • They did not understand that a new product line could create a new income stream
  • They thought consumerism was sinful
  • The idea of progress that came with the scientific revolution indicated that we can increase the pie
  • Capitalist creed to reinvest profits into production
  • Previously, profit was spent in charity or conspicuous consumption
  • Millionaires today take a lot of small vacations, but basically plow everything back into industry
  • Economic growth is the supreme good
  • Industry is now based on knowledge rather than material, therefore there's less need to fight over scarce materials
  • Eternal life, happiness and divinity may be the next problems to solve
  • Universal declaration of human rights
  • Google's Calico is trying to fight death with Ray Kurzweil
  • Some believe that anyone at 2050 with good health and a sizable bank account can access extended life duration, one decade at a time
  • GDH versus GDP, Gross Domestic Happiness
  • Drugs and electrical stimulation, more soldiers into battle
  • Buddhism says that happiness is letting go of the pursuit of happy sensations
  • Bio chemistry to select happiness
  • Lawns: power, money and prestige
  • Study history to free from past
  • Humanism
  • disparity of numbers between tame and wild
  • No more isolated ecosystems
  • Eve and the snake predates the Bible, 30,000 years prior, warning not to listen to the animals
  • The Bible says humans are a superior species made from inorganic matter by God specific to God's purpose
  • Our social, physical and emotional drives were formed over eons to meet evolutionary needs
  • Recent changes happen more quckly, to quickly for evolutionary changes
  • Sugar and agression may be counterproductive today, but was quite helpful in the past
  • Sensations and emotions and thoughts
  • Upon the agricultural revolution, moved from animist religions to theist relitions. Where animals no longer has a place in the Cosmic order and humans were exalted.
  • Prior religions, people spoke directly with the animals and nature. Later God became an intermediary
  • Science has recognized animals as sentient beings; They have similar consciousness signatures in their brain activity
  • Experience equals sensation plus emotion plus thought. Sensitivity to experience is...
  • Knowledge equalts experience times sensitivity
  • Three types of Humanism: Evolutionary, Nationalism, and Socialism
  • Experiencing self versus Narrating self
  • A moment in time when the stock exchange fluctuated rapidly and hugely based on a false tweet that Obama was in harm. A flash Crash
  • To combat terrorism, leverage theater

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May we find our vision, learn our way, define our path, and meet our purpose.