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In Money: Master the Game, Tony Robbins presents investing information gathered from top financial managers. His stated objective is to simplify and demystify, so that more people take an active approach toward their financial future.

My goal in reading the book was to overcome negative preconceptions I had toward financial growth. In reading the book, I deepened my interest in business and investment.

I've gathered notes below:

  • Power - Use it, or be used
  • 50 years ago, the duration of retirement was 12 years on average. Now, the average is more than 20 years, with many people extending beyond 30 years. Thus, the dollars necessary to last thru retirement have increased.
  • 60 million people are invested in 401K's, with over $3.5 Trillion invested
  • 96% of actively managed mutual funds fail to beat the market
  • Pg 113. Mutual Fund Fees
  • Pg 119. Actual Rate of Return
  • Beware - Fiduciaries can have dual registration, both as a broker and a fiduciary
  • Pg 134. Creative Planning - $100K minimum
  • Pg 147. America's Best
  • Financial advisor fees can be deducted on taxes
  • Pg 177. Nickels.
  • Pg. 261. Create new story and standards while in an empowered state
  • Identify how much money is needed
  • Pg. 216. Worksheets to identify costs
  • Rethink: Creator, not just Manager, of one's Life
  • Pg. 263. Work harder on oneself than on one's job
  • Assymetric risk/reward
  • Speed the process by 1) saving more, 2) earning more, 3) reducing fees and taxes, 4) better returns, or 5) life and lifestyle changes
  • Earn thru investment via 1) stock picks, 2) timing, or 3) asset allocation. Note that 1 & 2 may be better left to the pro's.
  • *** 3 Buckets: Security, Growth/Risk, Dream ***
  • Security bucket: Cash and cash equivalents, money market funds, bonds, Certificate of Deposits (CDs, loan to the bank), pension, annuities, life insurance, structured notes
  • Bonds: US Treasury (Bonds, Notes, and Bills), Corporate, Municipal
  • Bond Index Funds
  • Growth/Risk Bucket - Equities +
  • Exchange Traded Funds - like an index, but for traders. indirect ownership of shares, adds a layer thru investment fund. Bet on countries or industries.
  • High Yield Bond = Junk Bond
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) - stock or index
  • Commodities, Currencies, Collectibles, Structured Notes
  • *** Diversify across Securities, Asset Classes, Markets & Time ***
  • For the average investor, allocate 5% or less to trading activity
  • Pg. 329 Solution. Asset Mix
  • Mix Assets for inflation and deflation
  • Pg. 332, 341. Asset Returns
  • Consider 1) Stage in Life, 2) Risk Tolerance, and 3) Available Liquidity
  • Pg. 334. Rutgers Risk Tolerance Test,
  • Dream Bucket - Have Fun
  • Dollar cost averaging
  • Tax loss harvesting
  • Bond vs Stock Allocation via Value or via Risk
  • Correlation vs Causation
  • Pg. 390. Grid of Growth/Inflation and Rising/Falling prices
  • Strategy: Place 25% of Risk in each of 4 Scenarios
  • Pg. 390 Asset Types
  • The price of stock today factors in the market's expectations
  • Surprises
  • Pg 402, Risk-parity based portfolio
  • Web - Risk parity index
  • Pg 407 Asset mix models
  • America's Best 401K
  • Pg 418 Sequence of Returns
  • Annuities - immediate & deferred
  • Pg 438 Aria Retire One
  • PPLI = Private Placement Life Insurance = Rich Man's Roth -Avoid Taxes for self and heirs, even if withdraw $
  • Traditional estimates: 20 x Current Income
  • Pg 450 TIAA-CREF, sold by a Fiduciary, not a Sales person
  • Pg 451 Living Trust - + Legal Zoom

This was my first self-help book on Finance, and I'm feeling much more comfortable with the subject. Tony peppered the facts with story, encouragement, and perspective. I found this approach to be reassuring. I was coached from hesitation to curiosity. Hurray!

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