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In Awaken the Giant Within, Tony Robbins argues that each of us has a gift to offer the world, and that we can improve our outputs by re-engineering our selves. He makes good points, has some novel tactics, and is overall approachable and persuasive.

My notes from his book follow below:

  • Create Change via three methods: 1) Raise Standards, 2) Change Beliefs, or 3) Change Strategy
  • Types of Health include: Emotional, Physical, Relationship, Financial, Time
  • We feel ill at ease when our Reality does not align with our Beliefs.
    We can change our Reality, and/or we can change our Beliefs.
  • Decisions increase in strength as we add emotion: Decide, Commit, Resolve
  • Our decisions drive our Destiny.
  • We act in response to pain and pleasure.
  • Pg 71-72 Activity. What has stalled? Why?
  • Imagination is as powerful as reality to our minds.
  • Pg 98 Activity. Beliefs regarding self, others, opportunity, time, scarcity, etc.
  • Pg 192 Activity. Undermine top disempowering beliefs
  • Pg 133-134 Method. Scratch memories away; Recall with a twist (reverse, speed up, add music, add humor)
  • Pg 146 Activity / Checklist. Change pattern.
  • Emotion is triggered by Motion. A smile comes before the feeling of happiness.
  • Focus, Meaning, Response, State
  • Pg 175 Activity. List of feel-good strategies
  • Questions > Thoughts
    . Focus, Feelings
    . Change Deletions / Filter
    . Change Resources
  • Pg 193 Problem solving Questions
  • Pg 195 Morning Question, Evening Questions
  • Words > Feelings
  • Pg 216 Activity. Change 3 words from bad to good, and from good to great
  • Change your Metaphors; Change your Life
    Metaphors for Life, Relationships, etc.
    Just one is too limiting
  • Negative Emotions: Avoid, Deny, Compete, or Learn and Use
  • Internal Compass
  • Action Signals - Consider discomfort as a cue
  • Emotions originate within
  • Pg 277 Activity. Rate self 5 years ago and today
    10 focus areas, 5 years in future
  • Reticular Activating System
    State Goals, Change Perception
  • Pg 290 Activity. Goals, 3, 5, 10, 20 years. Choose 1 top Category for this year's focus
    . Personal Development, Career, Adventure, Contribution
  • Rehearse joy of achievement twice per day
  • Pg 303 Describe who you need to be to achieve these goals
  • Pg 314 Activity. Be positive for 10 days straight. Start over if needed.
  • A model for change.
    . Toward Pleasure Values / Away Pain Values
    . Reference, Beliefs, and Questions
    . State
  • Thought follows Questions, so ask good Questions.
  • Decions = Values clarification
  • Rules. To feel a value, what has to occur? Is it achievable? fair?
  • We often have rules that conflict, thereby undermining ourselves
  • Pg. 392 Activity
  • Expand References (Stories, Memories), Change Interpretation or Organization of References.
  • Pg 409. 5 Experiences. If negative, change them. Add new references.
  • Need for consistency
  • Identity follows action
  • Pg. 417 Summary of Model
    Crisis = Danger + Opportunity
  • Pg 424, 428 Activity
  • Confidence, then Competence
  • Pg 431 Quote
  • Spirit

Okay,... I think that's it for today... Ciao for now.

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May we find our vision, learn our way, define our path, and meet our purpose.