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Good morning!, The house is quiet at this time. I fixed a few broken links. Last night I ventured out to Atlanta + Poetry, and submitted my thoughts. The night before I spent time on Saatchi and found others' artwork to Like. The website is now compressed, with Blog, Poetry and Opinion integrated into Fit, Form, Ride and Road. Who knows what's next.

Over the past year I have listened to a lot of Ted Talks and Audiocasts on the way to and from work. Topics have included self help, how the brain works, nutrition, and finance. What have I learned?

I learned that the brain is not the best file cabinet. If I am to detail the lessons learned, I will need to re-listen, write notes, and summarize.

Hopefully even without that effort, good ideas meld and integrate into my life.

At the least, spending so much time listening to people who are in the zone, encourages and teaches me to make the most of my time and talent.

Some of these people are:

> Brene Brown
> Simon Sinek
> Elizabeth Gilbert
> Julian Treasure
> Elon Musk
> Tony Robbins
> Eric Berg
> Warren Buffet
> Dave Ramsey

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May we find our vision, learn our way, define our path, and meet our purpose.