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Felt Right
Tic Tac Toe

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Why Create

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2010 Felt Right

In 2010 I featured a variety of fabric panel hangings at my workplace. My objective was to add warmth and fun, in an unobtrusive and original way.

Felt is the perfect craft material for the office!

Used in both kindergartens and pool halls, it's a natural fit for the creative workplace. These qualities are a plus:

  • Easy to transport
  • Inexpensive
  • Requires little to no sewing
  • Blends well with office furniture
  • Organic feel
  • Able to hold things (notes, business cards, drawings, etc.)
  • Interactive (felt sticks to itself, so you can move it around)


What is my trick for keeping a polished look? It's the right (90 degree) corners! In a cubicle environment, we are surrounded by squares and rectangles. The borders of the felt mimic this, while the interior decoration can deviate and curve.

I've found that neutral colors are best when I want to concentrate on work. But that's a judgment call. Office mates have spiced things up with color and sparkles.

If you are looking to jazz up your space with modern appeal, give felt a try. Everything you need (felt, cutting wheel or scissors, measuring matte, and ruler) is available at your local craft store. Readily available felt is synthetic, and comes in sheets or rolls.

I have found felt to be slightly allergic; If you do too, limit the complexity of your projects. Or go high end and check out handmade felts with natural materials on Etsy.

What is my Mission?

My goal with art events is to reach you, my audience. That means sharing my images, words, and ideas, and inviting you to do the same. This takes shape via shows, sales, demonstrations, meetings, and workshops - online and in person.

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