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Into the Gray

Into the Gray

Hello again. Overnight and this morning I was preparing to reingage with charcoal. The argument -- that providing a venue for engaging in the gray, dark, difficult, textured -- I can free up negativity that I am holding on to.

This evening I approach the website wondering how I would feature such work. The graphic artist in me has tried it and doesn't see a way. Adding the gray, takes away from the zing of the black and white.

And I'm thinking I haven't given the black and white a chance yet, to engage in the dark side. In my work featured to date, lines are embellished. I smooth them over with a focus on creating impact.

I have worked with pen and ink before in a messy, out of control way. I've just kept that work away, as it hasn't seemed to belong.

I have shied away from hash-work and shading, avoiding the pretense of 3D in a 2D space. But hash-work could be used to create mood.

The way I feel now, that's what I'll experiment with first -- the black and white.

Why the need for gray? -- "In Darkness, Bring Light"

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