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It has been a month since I last wrote in my blog. It has been good to turn inward for a while. The website is now refreshed with an updated navigation and two new sections -- Events and Free Form Art.

The Events and Free Form Art sections offer me an opportunity to share some history, interaction, color and personality. They provide a relief from the black and white starkness of the rest of the site. They add to the story, and open up an opportunity for me to share more of myself.

My goal in May is to make an impact on my audience subscription rate. Currently I have 16 people receiving my art emails. I would like to increase that to 120 by the end of December. I wrote in my activity report last night, "Playful focus planned for May.
Experiment with different approaches. Keep a log. See what works."

I am hoping that by focusing on play, I can psyche myself into activity. Certainly when I think of the task (marketing and networking) as pushing a large rock uphill, I don't get far. I know I can get this right. I'm sure I can turn the page and have fun. I just have to get there.

Okay,... Time to get ready for my Friday. I hope you have a great weekend.

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