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I spent time with my mom yesterday, reviewing my art installation at Rev. It was helpful taking time, sitting in the space, critiquing and sharing tips. Have I mentioned I have the best mom ever?

It's curious that the most motivating moments were those in which she disagreed. She didn't see what I was shooting for. Apparently I am a rebel at heart.

Mom thinks I should focus more on fun, and less on structure. She's said that for a while now, and I've listened. I explained that I'm taking it slow on getting crazy, because I'm tired of tearing down mis-steps. I reminded her of my driveway laid full of scrap from the junkyard, which I cleaned and sewed to jeans. Hours of work, discarded. Paintings with no restraint, pastels which clash when viewed one to the next, wood with no regard for overall shape.

I admit that I need to let out my crazy, larger pieces, more dramatic. I'm getting there. My goal for the March show is to fully express myself. I think that means just the felt, construction paper, and laminate. I'll leave the canvas, wood, crafts, and interactivity for later.

So,... It's 6:40 and time to start the day. I hope you have a great week ahead!

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